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Sonic Arts United is an educational organization designed to bring together the sonic arts community to address the issues of gender, and race inclusion by developing, and facilitating programs, workshops, trainings, conferences, and mentorship opportunities through the use of education, technology, and creating.

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Loud & Clear STL

Loud and Clear STL, a Sonic Arts United initiative and Allied Media Projects sponsored project, is a 10-week program designed to support girls, and young women who have an interest in the sonic arts, by providing them with a safe space, and the technology to learn, create and share ideas.  

Starting off with the physics of sound and signals, our girls learn how to define and demonstrate all that goes into sound creation. We will explore electricity by using the printed circuit board (PCB) of the Werkstatt by Moog as our guide. In the following weeks, participants are introduced to subtracted synthesis, sound design, midi, how to work with analog and digital tools by pairing the Werkstatt with the Ableton Push, and Live 9 software, investigate sonic branding, and development of their very own podcast episode.    

The desired outcomes are to raise the self-esteem of participants, create bonds that foster mutual respect, and provide the necessary tools, training, and mentorship that shows girls and young women a career in the sonic arts, is an achievable career path for them to follow. 

Loud & Clear STL Pilot

Registration for Loud & Clear STL is now closed! Check back for more information on the Spring 2018 semester.

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The Team

Cheeraz - Founder/Director

Storyteller, poet, author, and award winning advertising creative Cheeraz Gormon is from St. Louis, Missouri, and every bit a native daughter. As a poet, Cheeraz has opened up for scholar Cornell West, MacArthur Genius educator and curator Dr. Deborah Willis, and hip hop impresario Russell Simmons on stages nationally, and internationally. Cheeraz has been performed her poetry alongside musicians such as, David A.N. Jackson, Dwayne Bosman, Darrell Mixon, Syrhea Conaway a.k.a. SyanSoPro, Brothers Lazaroff, Elizabeth McQueen, Maurice “Mo” Egeston, Sunyatta McDermott, Mat Wilson, and Grover Stewart Jr., just to name a few.

Victoria - Co-Director

In addition to her work with Sonic Arts United, Victoria Donaldson is engulfed in art and culture. Her work began after she returned from Howard University as a Biology major and decided to study photography. She expanded her creativity to music by deejaying and serving as co-host of RWTHNTC on 88.1 KDHX with Nappy DJ Needles. Victoria is a graduate of Alabama A&M University where she majored in Graphic Communications and Art History. She is also the organizer and founder of Black Cinema Club which is a quarterly film screening and discussion geared towards those with an interest in film and black culture.

Allied Media Projects, L&CSTL fiscal sponsor

Allied Media Projects cultivates media strategies for a more just, creative and collaborative world. We serve a network of media makers, artists, educators, and technologists working for social justice.

Our definition of media includes all forms of communication, from videos and websites to theater, dance, design, and interactive technology. Through the Allied Media Conference and the Sponsored Projects program, AMP shares and supports models for using media for transformative social change.

Our work is grounded in Network Principles developed and evolved through dialogue with our uniquely diverse and collaborative community of participants.

We are based in Detroit, MI. Our network includes people and organizations from more than 150 towns and cities across the U.S., Canada, and abroad.

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Sound Off! Blog

Sound Off! will feature articles, write-ups and commentary regarding music, sound art and other related topics.


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